Take action Today To Start Improving

More often than not, fixing a restaurant takes intense focus, hard work, and a well-thought out strategy. Culinaire and beyond, we are motivated to bring this expertise near our customer to support restaurants of all types and sizes, in markets across the country and around the GCC – for many of Bahrain largest restaurant brands, as well as hundreds of independents.Our array of services and approaches can be found on our website (www.culinaireandbeyond.com) or you can get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

Make no blunder about it, the distinction between a restaurant dream and a restaurant drama is being able to profit and make a living from your hard work. You can keep criticizing the economy, or you can keep pointing your finger at your team and the industry while hoping that something will change; OR, you can call us to start your improvement plan that will help your turnaround restaurant situation, reduce cost and improve profit margin.

Culinaire and Beyond will help you get the results you want and need in a fraction of the time of other consultants.

Among some of the things that Culinaire and beyond can show you are the following:

• How to Assess your restaurant situation
• How to Define your restaurant strengths and weaknesses
• How to Design a turnaround and profit development strategy plan
• How to Increase your turnover and profits fast for the Long-run
• How to Use suppliers, products, to help you succeed
• How to Create a better Menu and determine the correct pricing so you make profit
• How to Determine your labor and food cost Objectives
• How to Design better operational processes to improve revenue & margins
• How to Fix cash flow issues, shortage and realize better Cash management
• How to Hire, train, reduce turnover staff and retain best teams
• How to Design and Implement Rewarding Marketing Campaigns
• How to Build a culture around achievements and yield
• How to Reduce Costs and Get Rid of Dead burden as fast as possible
• And, much more . . .

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