Treat your steward well

The steward is a significant and integral part of a well run and organized kitchen. Dishwashing is often the lowest paid, most criticised and mocked position in the kitchen, but undeniably important to basic running. The steward is mistreated by cooks and service staff alike, given the dirtiest jobs and the longest hours and is expected to show up with complaint.

The wisest chefs and owners treat their stewards with kid gloves, giving them the choicest titbits and decent pay. Nothing will bring a kitchen to a relentless halt faster than a busy restaurant where the steward has gotten fed up and walked out or not shown up for work because he was working for slave wages and has been neglected.

The Chef, the cooks and sometimes the service staff and owners are then left trying to play catch-up with the dishes and pots and pans along their own jobs. It creates an atmosphere of animosity. “It’s not MY job”- and when a kitchen only has a certain quantity of sauté pans and the cooks have to wash them as they use them on a busy night, it slows everything down. This effect the food getting cooked, as well as it being served and presented in a timely manner to the customer.

Treat your steward well and you will avoid having to deal with the angry chef griping that he was there until 2:00 am mopping the floor because there was no steward to do it for him.

Treat your steward as the integral part of a well run and organized kitchen that they deserve to be and your operation will run like the well oiled machine it is supposed to.