Do you feel your Restaurant need a preparation System Check?

You can have the best concept, recipes and capacity but if your restaurant can’t deliver a quality customer experience over and over again, people will not come back.

Restaurants need systems to create consistency and certainty. One of the most important method for improving consistency and certainty is your preparation system.

An effective preparation system provides a way for keeping the right amount of prepared product on hand while ensuring proper shelf life and product cycle. Having an effective Daily Preparation system is one of the most important task in kitchen management because it provides the kitchen production line with the necessary amount of product to fill orders during service periods.

A clear Daily Preparation system helps control food cost and make sure your product remains at highest quality and freshness for your recipes.

we’ve identified the 6 fundamental components that make up a great preparation system. They are:

  • Standardized recipe book: to serve great food you need to have great recipes and Staff that know how to follow them, The Recipe book is the foundation of every  kitchen and it provides a method to reach consistency in every preparation.
  • Organized storage space: prearranged stock room and walk-in cooler make it easier to count product and rotate it.
  • Everyday count procedure: Make actual, more knowledgeable decisions of what and how much to prepare or order using a daily count and setting filled-to par levels.
  • Daily preparation posting: Use a preparation board with forms that are easy to fill out. utilize a separate preparation list for each kitchen station.
  • Portion control tools and standard: Correct measure is vital to expected cost and consistent menu superiority. An additional important part of preparation is to pre-portion every time possible. Pre-portioning of menu items help speed up your service and control the cost.
  • Product labeling procedure : Proper label with dates and turning round of prepared ingredients support higher quality and food safety. Labels should include product name, date and time prepared , date and time it expire and by whom.

If your restaurant does each all of these task and have this system in place chances are you have an excellent restaurant. If this practices are unknown to you, it is not late to start right away get in touch with us and will start implementing the system.