The Future of Hiring

The  world  has  been  hit  by  an unprecedented rate of change and companies  both  small  and  large  are  struggling  at  different  levels to migrate their processes and delivery of solutions to ensure operations, clients and  employees  are  able  to  cope  with  the  changes  without impacting internal annual projections and regular work flow.

The impact COVID 19 has brought on companies both small and large, across all industries is based primarily on the following:

  1. Complexity of Operations
  2. Methodology of Delivery of Solutions
  3. Dependency on Software’s
  4. Data Security Measure
  5. DNA Of the Team

The Problem at hand: Whilst most of the above listed components are open to a much larger debate, we see most companies struggling to cope with people management more than ever before with the onslaught of COVID 19.

A  large  number  of  companies who have  previously  hired  based on capabilities and years of experience alone are now struggling to battle a mindset shift that comes with such crucial changes in the daily workflow if they have not hired based  on  a  set  DNA  of  a  Growth Mindset, or cultivated that DNA after the candidates are inducted.

Furthermore, employees have previously been moderated for a range of KPI’s including  but  not  limited  to  the  number  of  hours  they  work, effective communication skills, qualifications and the number of years of experience they bring to the table. However, due focus it seems, has never been granted to the  Mindset  they  bring  to  a  company, which directly affects the overall output of teams at large. In most cases, we see current employees with a growth mindset adapt and deliver much faster that those with a fixed mindset, and that insight alone will compel HR managers to take heed while charting out the future generation of employees.

What exactly is a Growth mindset then, and how does it change or influence teams, and companies at large? The term stems from a basic view point that skills and abilities can be developed and a change in a way we assimilate things makes all the difference.

That   very   mindset   of   broadcasting  challenges  as  opportunities, nurturing a sense of purpose, absorbing feedback to develop further, rewarding actions not traits,  taking  calculated  risks  and rewarding genuine effort is almost mandatory to ensure one has advanced to a mechanism  to  be  resilient  to  disruptive  changes and be relevant to current and future industry needs.

That shift in hiring preferences given the world will now be exposed, more  often  to  disruption  in operations  is  expected  to  produce an  inevitable shift in the way we reward and club employees, from perhaps the  basic  thought  process of ‘he  has  20  years’  experience,  he  must  be good  with  Data  Management’  while inducting  a  new  member  to debating ‘he has 5 years of  relevant  experience  and  just  updated his credentials with a course on Data Analytics hence he much be aware of current and future trends.’

Challenges: Many decision makers wonder if Remote Working will be the new norm. The challenge then extends further to decision makers on how they motivate individuals with a Growth Mindset since they are most likely to have clear, defined goals of self-growth and self-worth. Another important change we see coming  our  way is  how  we  rate employees with little or no focus being dedicated to the number of hours they work and more focus being placed on the functions they are able to deliver.

The Solution: Creation of a Personal Development Plan for each team member is a great way to hire, develop  and  ensure  each  employee understands the culture of self-development  is  mandatory  for professional   growth.  Operationally,  software’s’  are  a  great way of monitoring  functions  such  as  sales  since they remove human biases, however structuring software’s to ensure all the functions are categorized is also equally important.

Observations:  Mostly, companies  who  have   previously  encouraged collaboration  and  managers  who  have created an internal Personal Development Plan within their teams are more likely to address changes much  faster.   Hence  adapting  to  effective  remote  work,  for  instance is  directly  dependent  on  the  ability  of  teams  to  adapt, improve  and share  their  insights within their teams to ensure no team member is left behind.

To sum it all, we see the future of hiring quite bright, however we also see a definitive shift managers, and hiring managers will make on hiring with due focus on engaging candidates with a Growth Mindset.

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